These Gem Elixirs were co-created by Jane Bell and Steve Johnson of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project in the summer of 1992. Their intention was to prepare a collection of elixirs hat would blend the support of the Mineral Kingdom with the strength and purity of the Alaskan environment.
Each Alaskan gem elixir was prepared in a pristine wilderness that was chosen for the particular elemental qualities it embodied, qualities that would most effectively anchor the healing pattern of the stone into the water. Elixirs were prepared next to glaciers and lakes, in flower-filled high meadows, surrounded by high mountain peaks, including Denali, and some 150 miles from the nearest road.
Gem elixirs are liquid preparations that contain the potentized healing vibrations of a particular gem or mineral. They are made by placing a gem in a bowl of pure water that is activated by the energy of the Sun. This water receives the energetic imprint of the mineral used and is then preserved and diluted for internal and external use.