Located within the Depot in scenic and historic Downtown Fort Bragg, Beautiful Earth is sure to stop both natives and visitors in their tracks. The shop is owned and run by Gary Mason, who moved to the Mendocino Coast in 1996 and opened the shop in December of 2013.

'Passers-by usually take notice of the enormous, sparkling "pet geode," in all of its purple splendor, perched innocently upon a display box. Enraptured by the glittering door-guard, many people enter the shop with the intention of asking Mr. Mason whether or not the giant mineral is for sale. Unfortunately, the mascot is not available for purchase, but scarcely have I seen any visitor leave the shop disappointed at this news. Their gaze simply travels around the walls and cabinets before landing on a new object. "I've never seen an opal like that before!" "So did you go to Argentina and find that?" "It's interesting that you've displayed the chemical formulas."  Visitors are encouraged to touch, point, ask questions, and explore the shop to their hearts' content. "Feel free to look in that set of drawers over there," you'll hear Mr. Mason say. A lucky, inquisitive few might even receive a scientific demonstration of minerals that fluoresce or react to a Geiger Counter!'

This is the essence of Beautiful Earth; Not only that the objects housed within our Terra Firma are visually striking, but truly fascinating as well. Each and every stone has a story.

Grab a lunch at the Laurel Deli, check out the gift shops, including the collection of shells at Low Tide, then stop by and have a look around Beautiful Earth!

Gary helps a few shop visitors to break open their geodes!